Booking Information

Use our “book your stay” button to book now. If you can’t find the room(s) you would like please contact us and we may be able to help with bedding configurations that meet your needs. Check we have availability for when you would like to stay.

Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel 30 days or less of your reservation you will be charged the full amount of your booking.
If you cancel your booking more than 30 days from your reservation date no charges will be incurred.
If you fail to arrive on your reservation date you will be charged the full reservation amount.Guests are advised to take out travel insurance to protect themselves against unavoidable changes in their travel plans.

Credit Card Security

Your credit card details will be taken to secure your booking. Charge will be made to your card according to the cancellation policy, and details will be retained securely and kept private.
Note: All payments made with credit card will incur a fee.

Changes or Modification to Reservations

A booking modification can be made any time prior to your reservation date.
Extension to a reservation is subject to room availability.
A reduction in the reservation period will be subject to the cancellation policy notification requirements.
If you have already checked in to the property and decide to leave before the end of the reservation period, you will be charged for the full reservation period, unless approved by the manager and we are able to sell the accommodation for the equivalent amount. We reserve the right to accept reservations that are subject to a minimum stay period.
All booking modification or cancellations must be in writing and confirmed by us.


All deliberate or reckless acts that result in damage or misuse of our property and any costs associated with inappropriate behaviour resulting in loss of income to the business, will be charged to the registered guest.


This is a smoke free accommodation. Please smoke away from the windows and doors of other guests rooms and from the guests themselves, especially children.

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